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New Year's Card

New Year's CardOur High Holiday greeting card fund raiser was so successful last year, that we are doing it again! Send your friends and family Rosh Hashanah cards this year while at the same time supporting Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf!

We have designed a lovely cream-colored, linen card with matching envelope. The front of the card has L'Shana Tova in fingerspelling, with its corresponding English letters underneath. The graphic is a hand pouring honey from a spoon onto an apple and at the bottom says Happy New Year all printed in royal blue ink. Inside the card, also in fingerspelling with its translation you have your choice of greeting: All Our best wishes for the New Year, from a family or Best Wishes for the New Year from an individual.

You can purchase 10 cards for $15.00 wrapped in an attractive clear cellophane package fastened with red apple stickers. If you would like them mailed to you, add $2.50 for postage and handling.

If you would like to purchase a set of cards, to support TBS and our programs, please contact TBS or send a check or money order made out to TBS to:

Jan Seeley
12200 Bradford Place
Granada Hills, CA 91344.

Be sure to tell Jan which card you want: from an individual or from a family.

See a larger image of the card and the message inside here.

Thanks for supporting Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf and Happy New Year to you and your family.

High Holiday Services

TBS will celebrate the High Holy Days this year at Airtel Plaza Hotel, 7277 Valjean AV, Van Nuys. Tickets for non-members are $50. You can attend as many services as you like with the $50. ticket. For students under age 30 -- no-charge. We will have a Shabbat/Rosh Hashana dinner at 6:15 pm before the evening Rosh Hashana service for $35.00. Deadline for dinner reservations is Aug. 29th.

Anyone wishing to participate in the services by reading a prayer or having an Aliyah, please contact, Jan ASAP.

NOTICE: there is a change in the rooms from the original flyer.

If you do not wish to attend the dinner but want to attend services, they begin at 7:15 pm.

Roz Robinson will officiate services, Peter Robinson and James Kalivoda will blow the shofars and be our cantorial soloists, along with Elaine Aikins signing all the music.

Here is the schedule for all 4 services:

Pronilover Bar Miztvah

Ten years ago the Pronilover family: Irina and Eduard along with their children, Stan, Alina, and twin boys, Nikolay and Michael, arrived in New York from Moscow, Russia, making the US their new home. As they went through the immigration process, Nik, at age 3, was given medication to take and a hearing loss resulted.

The Pronilovers joined family here in Los Angeles and in October of 1994, they found Temple Beth Solomon and became members and part of our family.

Nik and Mike Pronilover Nikolay and Michael

We are honored to announce the B'nai Mitzvah of Nikolay and Michael as they are called to the Torah on Saturday afternoon, August, 17th at 4:00pm. The entire TBS family is invited to attend this momentous occasion.

Since Michael is ten minutes older than Nik, we will profile him first: He is s sports fan, enjoying football and basketball and the indoor sport, Play Station II, much to his father's dismay. He is toying with the idea of becoming a veterinarian since he loves animals, (and has a big beautiful dog.) Michael has a sparkle in is eye and we are sure whatever he produces in his life, we will be very proud of him.

Nikolay knows exactly what he wants to do for his career. His interests are in movie production where he has already experienced acting. Added to his talents are piano and writing scripts for games, which he plans to carry over to screenwriting. Nik's acting experience is with The No Limits Theatre group, a production company for the hard of hearing. He is preparing himself well for the many different aspects of the industry. He is also a Play Station II fan and surely both brothers are very competitive with each other. Like his brother, Nik, too, has a spark in his eye and we are sure he will be very successful in all his endeavors.

Our twins have worked hard to get to this day and it will be a truly uplifting experience to watch these brothers as they have a dual ceremony. Michael will chant the Hebrew prayers while Nikolay signs them; each becoming a man before our eyes as they fulfill their religious obligations and take their rightful responsibility among the Jewish people.

Mazel tov to the family, you have raised beautiful sons and we are proud to be part of it.

Sisterhood Celebrates 40 Years

On May 19th, the TBS Sisterhood commemorated 40 years of life. Chaired by Elaine Aikins, over 100 people had a fabulous luncheon at the Castaways Restaurant, tucked away in the hills of Burbank.

Nicky Elliot Nicky Elliot

We were transported to the islands with everyone dressed in bright and beautiful Hawaiian colors. We were entertained all day, first with a delicious brunch and then by the antics of Sam Kadin, Richard Kato, Bernard Castaline, Abe Winzelberg and Don Swanson, who made us laugh until we cried. Nicky Elliott continued the entertainment interspersed throughout the day with his absolutely wonderful sign songs; his humor and creativity was so sensational that we didn't want him to stop.

Bernard Castalline and Sam Kadin Bernard Castaline and Sam Kadin

Helen Winer, the visionary, credited with founding the Sisterhood in 1962, was honored for her leadership and enthusiasm. Her help and belief in the deaf women she mentored formed deep roots that still hold us strongly today.

Helen Winer
Helen Winer

As is always the case when such a big event is planned, we have many people to thank. In addition to all those already mentioned, We thank our main sponsor MCI and the dozens and dozens of contributors who donated thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and gift certificates. We thank our interpreters, Francine Stern, (who also did so much to help her mom coordinate the event) Barbara Mathis and Jan Seeley. We thank artist, Brad Kanawyer for his graphic expertise with the program book and tickets. Last but not least, we thank the committee, without whom there would have been no event.

Sisterhood 40th Anniversary Committee From left to right back row : Elaine Aikins, Cholly Kadin, Joanne Gleicher, Dianna Kanawyer, Rita Winzelberg front: Marilyn Castaline, Loretta Swanson

Annual Awards

On June 7, Temple Beth Solomon celebrated her 42nd anniversary as well as honoring our volunteers for the 2002 year. They make the life of TBS so rich and full. With Vice President, Doug Ellis, as MC, we honored 15 individuals.

Florence Haberman and Roz Robinson
Hersh Woman of the Year Florence Haberman with Special Service Award winner Roz Robinson

The Hersh Woman of the Year was awarded to Florence Haberman. You will find Florence at every event and activity with her sleeves rolled up and asking, "What can I do!" At every potluck she is there to help set it up and always stays after to clean it up-usually all by herself, while others are engaged in conversation. And always with the attitude that she is so happy to be there. At every Shabbat service she makes sure everything is put away and in order before she leaves. It is this kind of contribution and attention that keeps everything running smoothly, but is rarely recognized as the important task that it is. Florence has been studying for her bat mitzvah for two years now under Dov's Geller's care and doing wonderfully. She exchanges with him by tutoring him in sign language, which shows her strong virtue of giving back. Florence is one of those rare gems that people love being around. She lights up the room with her honesty and constant gratitude for life.

Roz Robinson has been an unending source of wisdom and support for TBS. We presented her with a Special Service Award for being our angel for the last two years as our lay Rabbi, doing all the things that Rabbis do: writing sermons, coordinating bar/bat mitzvahs, leading services for Shabbat and holidays and advising congregants. In addition to all that, she interprets liturgy into signable translations-all very time consuming activities and all volunteer hours. She does this because she loves TBS and Judaism; and we love her! We also presented Roz with a TBS Honorary Rabbinic degree which said:

Upon demonstration and completion of the Rabbinic requirements necessary to lead, inspire and teach a Jewish Congregation about their history, heritage and humanness. To raise them to a higher level of understanding of themselves and the Universe; to impart what it means to be holy and to strive to be an ethical, moral being when faced with an immoral world. To gently guide through the framework of tradition with certainty and integrity. It is with pride and honor that we present you with this degree of Jewish Academe and call you our Rabbi.

Being the quiet, humble person he is, this award admittedly embarrassed him, but nevertheless Marty Hyman deserves recognition for his talents and was our choice for the Hersh Man of the Year.

Marty Hyman
Hersh Man of the Year Marty Hyman

Cyberspace is an oddity. Things just seem to miraculously appear in front of your eyes as you sit in front of your computer and surf the WWW dot world, but you never see the face behind hands of that talent. To think about how it actually gets there is one of those unknowable things to most of us; a mystery we would prefer remain in the hands of the genius.

Well TBS has its own resident genius, who does have a face and tremendous talent in his mind and hands as well. Marty transforms text and pictures and built and maintains our web site so that we are discovered by a whole new population of people and TBS can move and operate among a new generation with a new technology. We are so grateful for the time and creativity you invest in our site and we honor you for the work you so humbly do.

The Mordechai Award was established by Temple Beth Solomon to honor that hearing person in the Jewish Community who best exemplifies Mordechai's (from the Book of Esther) ability to bring people together and his quality of spirit, generosity and learning.

Dov Geller
Mordechai Award recipient Dov Geller

Dov Geller found TBS through a newspaper article, came to one of our services in 1999 and fell in love with the culture of the deaf and has been very active with us ever since. He immediately started taking sign language classes and has made a huge effort in his study of sign and deaf culture.

Everywhere he goes he disseminates his enthusiasm for deafness; he is truly a great press agent for the deaf, and especially for TBS. He has been instrumental in educating hearing Jews about TBS and with his heartfelt excitement, which is very infectious, he shares his love of sign language through Judaism. Sign language is the door to learning about deafness and culture. He walked through that door and a new world opened for him which he in turn invites others to enter with a gentleness that is inspiring.

This year's deserving recipient of the President's Award was Peter Robinson. His devotion and caring to Temple Beth Solomon, and to his Jewish tradition very highly merits this award. Peter has the very special gift of inclusion.

Peter Robinson blowing the Shofar
President's Award recipient Pete Robinson

Acting as our cantor for the High Holy Days, Passover and Shabbat with his spellbinding use of sign language, at the same time that he is singing or chanting Hebrew, allows us to experience that aural mysterious part of Judaism that isn't otherwise available to us. It is truly an inspiring wonder to behold. His ritual blowing of the shofar at the Holy Days also allows us to participate in that tradition and includes us in our heritage.

Peter invited TBS members to attend the B'nai Mitzvah at Valley Beth Shalom where he, along with 14 other people, celebrated their call to the Torah. The best part of it was Peter himself, standing at the lectern in front of us signing the prayers while saying the Hebrew, an extremely difficult feat, But he made us feel so special and included to have taken the time to make us a part of this special occasion in such a meaningful way.

Elaine Aikins
Distinguished Service Award recipient Elaine Aikins

For an amazing 42 years, Elaine Aikins has given of herself in every aspect of the life of TBS. This is evidenced by the fact that she has received every award that TBS offers, some of them several times. This year, she was presented with the Distinguished Service Award for her thousands of hours of service to TBS. She has chaired countless committees and coordinated luncheons, fashion shows and events of all kinds. She has shown her leadership and mediation skills in resolving conflicts between members and the synagogue. She has become an eloquent public relations speaker, sharing her private life experience with the children and parents of the larger Jewish community, educating them about a part of life they do not know exists. She has brought the music of the holidays to life for 42 years, in sign, encouraging a discovery of Judaism in a new way and inspiring hundreds of deaf Jews who have come to understand themselves and to pray.

As we look back over the 42 years of her very active Temple life, we are struck by the enormous influence she has helped to create in the community - deaf and hearing. It is an awesome accomplishment and TBS is forever in her debt.

Merit Awards were given to: Dianna & Brad Kanawyer for their work on the 40th Anniversary Luncheon as well as Sisterhood member Loretta Swanson.

Rita Winzelberg
Sisterhood Woman of the Year Rita Winzelberg

Certificates of Appreciation went to new father, Charles Katz, for his work with the joint seder committee and his involvement with our potlucks and his wonderful design for the High Holy Day Torah cover. Marilyn Castaline for her many hours of volunteer service on the 40th Anniversary Luncheon; Joanne Gleicher and Sam & Charlotte Kadin for their work on the Passover Committee and the 40th Anniversary Luncheon. We will never forget Sam's hula-in-drag skit at the luncheon! That alone was deserving of a Major Award for comedy. Ruth Richter collected her recognition for her volunteer hours as treasurer for the Senior Citizen's group.

The last award for the evening was for the Sisterhood Woman of the Year. A very surprised Rita Winzelberg came to the podium to receive a beautifully engraved photo album for her many years of service to the Sisterhood.

Mazel Tov

Sarah Dawn Summers Katz

Charles & Mary Ruth Katz announce the birth of daughter, Sarah Dawn Summers Katz, sister to Ashlyn on Thursday, June 20th, 2002 at 4:45 p.m.; 9 lb. 3.8 oz. and 20 1/2" long.

Bertha Kurz celebrates her 105th birthday on August 16. Read her profile.

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